Manure Hauling and Agitation

With a dedicated fleet of 16 tractors and tankers, we are able to efficiently handle your manure hauling

 needs from pit to field.  We have five lagoon agitators to mix liquid and solid manure,

providing a far superior nutrient blend for your field.

Crawlers & Fleet
  Manure Agitation
  • Self Propelled

    • Able to enter and exit manure pits with little

             or no farm assistance


  • High Powered Pump

    • Pumps up to 10,000 gallons per minute


  • 6" Front Agitation Cannon

    • Blast through thick buildup with ease


  • Sand Suspension

    • Thoroughly mixes sand with manure solids

Manure Hauling
  • Fleet of 16 dedicated manure tanks and tractors for your manure hauling needs.
  • Quick and efficient delivery from farm to field.
  • Experienced and well trained crew
  • Well maintained fleet
  FRAC tank is also available to assist with your drag line operation.




James Snarski 616-821-4929